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I'm a freelance writer and photographer and the creative director of LOVER, an online magazine, editorial and visual content studio and (anti)model agency.



"My Mamma (nani) was a helluva woman. I only can look back at her life and now acknowledge and celebrate her life as she lived through her very tough life with a smile on her face. She was born to a very strict family and was married at the ripe age of 16. She spent her life taking care of her kids and her husband through a very tough life , worked jobs, walked her kids to school, lived in a house that was only half-constructed with no electricity or bathrooms and moved homes that redefined her way of being every single time and took her far away from her own family. But she always said "Life is good" in the worst of her times. She lived with us for 13 years and through those years i saw what a strong and spirited person really looks like. She always spoke of the good things in life, she cooked like a ace- her varan and puran polis are the best I have ever had. She has her knees operated at 83 and literally smiled in her pain as she steered back to health. Our fondest memories are of her narrating how nana came to meet her at her girls hostel and was besotted with her, how her skin never needed creams to glow, and her just sitting on her chair reading her papers while some rock music blared from the stereo next to her (she never ever asked us to lower the volume, because the music meant we were in the same room as her!). She was a rock star and like none other."


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