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Hi, I'm Sheena.

Welcome to my portfolio and journal. 

I'm a freelance writer and photographer, activist, art director and the creative director of LOVER, an online magazine, editorial and visual content studio and (anti)model agency.


"My grandmother was a kickass, fear-inspiring, woman entrepreneur as early as the 40s with her own business in Colaba. She went to work everyday, put lipstick on and curled her hair, even in her 90s. She first ran a tailoring thing. She used to make Dolly Thakore's outfits back when she was a news reader. DT told me actually. Then, she ran a shop which sold little grandma things - handmade tablecloths, doilies, cross stitch everything. The shop is still around, just a bit run down. It's called Dit, and it's on Causeway, opposite Theobroma.

Actually both my grandmas were entrepreneurs. The other ran a catering business in Goa and was the perfect grandmotherly grandma - jam-making, brilliant cooking, sweets in her pockets, huggably round, and happy."


Email with a story, recipe, advice and photograph of your grandmother.