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Hi, I'm Sheena.

Welcome to my portfolio and journal. 

I'm a freelance writer and photographer, activist, art director and the creative director of LOVER, an online magazine, editorial and visual content studio and (anti)model agency.


"My maai (dad's mum) was the most badass woman I've ever met. And the best cook too. I am a professional cook and I wish she had stuck around long enough to see me do this. She would have been thrilled. My biggest sadness is that I will never eat her fish curry, crab, gaothi chicken, and so many other things ever again. My favourite memory of us is sitting with her on the kitchen floor, watching her clean, gut, cut and prepare fish. It would often be still leaping around, that was pretty weird for me as a child. We would buy live crab at the market and she would hold it in her hand and show me it's beady eyes, tell me how to catch crab and then slip it into bubbling curry. I loved watching her scale and gut fish on the paat. I think that's why I like doing fish prep so much even though most people hate it. She would tell me stories of growing up in the village in Kokan, going fishing and crabbing, how her mother cooked for and fed so many people, summers and jackfruits, tasting porcupine meat, roasting fresh catch on an open fire on the beach, eating oysters. She told really great stories and made the very best food and I miss her every day."


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