I've been seeing a craniosacral therapist for the last couple of months (in addition to other therapists) 

Craniosacral involves lying down while she places her hand under or on various parts of my body and makes nearly imperceptible movements to ease tension and thus help the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the body (Or at least that's what she said.) The under body thing was pretty unnerving at first - imagine lying down with somebody's hand under your tailbone - because as an anxious person and an empath, I hate causing people discomfort. If I'm to sit on somebody's lap, I've literally hovered over it since I was a little kid. 

In my first session, we talked a little bit about my history, my emotional state, my health, my sleep patterns and my digestion.

After my first evaluation session with her, she revealed to me a lot of things about myself I hadn't considered:
How tense my body was.
How angry I am and how much anger my body holds
How my circulation is poor
How scattered my thoughts were
How repetitive my negative thoughts were
How my anger is linked to my anxiety and depression
How my digestion is linked to my anxiety and depression

As somebody with agoraphobia, there is nothing as off-putting and stress-inducing as somebody who tells me to do stuff (in the real world). One of the main reasons I liked and trusted my therapist was that in our initial sessions, I told her I didn't want to give up coffee or leave the house. And she looked at me and said - that's okay you're not ready, you don't have to do anything. 

In the several sessions of craniosacral therapy I've had so far (my therapist is only in town once a week), I've had one uncomfortable session (including a fit of sneezes that wouldn't stop) and several that I would describe as restorative. She called the sneezes discharge and said they are a good thing - tears, sweat, etc, are also good.

In general though, I feel relaxed and refreshed after a session. It feels meditative and it really helps with grounding me. If you are interested in trying craniosacral therapy and would like her details, email me.


Artwork by Cauliflower Hour.