Acknowledge your anxiety level on a scale of 1-10 before beginning this exercise. 

Sit comfortably and name out loud - 

5 things you can see in the room: E.g. chair, lamp, table, bottle, wall.
5 things you can hear right now: E.g. fan whirring, traffic, trees rustling, bird chirping, somebody's voice.
5 things you can feel on your body: E.g. fabric touching your elbow, foot touching the floor, arm touching your thigh, glasses on your nose, hair on your neck. 

Repeat with 4 things you can see, hear and feel. Then 3, then 2 and then 1. You can notice new things or repeat the same ones. The objective of this exercise is reign in your focus to yourself and your surroundings. 

Acknowledge your anxiety level after you finish the exercise. 

Typically it should have dropped by one point. Repeat the exercise if desired.



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