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Hi, I'm Sheena.

Welcome to my portfolio and journal. 

I'm a freelance writer and photographer, activist, art director and the creative director of LOVER, an online magazine, editorial and visual content studio and (anti)model agency.

HELLA ANXIOUS / Productivity: Make two to-do lists

To be honest, I feel like I haven't really achieved a lot in the last few months even though it seems like I am constantly working. At my worst, my neverending to-do list really overwhelms me and it takes me all day to write an email (or not even that) and I've often felt really distracted and scattered, jumping between tabs and not really being able to concentrate and get shit done. Errands especially never get any priority.

The double to-do list has been working for me lately.

I made one to-do list outlining work stuff I have to do - communication, writing, social media, freelance deadlines, all of that. The second to-do list outlines errands and other miscellaneous stuff - appointments, bank work, people I need to call, things I need to organise. Now if I'm ignoring something on my work to-do list, I'm usually ticking something off on my errands to-do list out of desperation to complete something. It's still procrastinating but with something useful and it seems to do the trick.


Artwork by Gemma Correll.

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