If you’re wondering about the best bus stop in the world (and who isn’t), it’s here in the riviera in the centre of a cute little seaside town called Theoule sur Mer.

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and my boyfriend and I decided to start the celebrations in Theoule, only ten minutes on the train from Cannes. The beaches are an easy walk from the station though the pavement is so narrow you might have to walk in a single file. No matter. There's plenty to ogle at and fans of architecture (or pink) will love the pretty pastel villas with their impressive terraces along the coast and dotting the hillside. This kooky construction is Theoule's most famous property.

In the centre of town is where you'll find above best bus stop and opposite it, you will find the tourist information centre so if you’d like details about the popular hiking trail that leads to La Pointe de l'Aiguille, head here. More importantly, behind the bus stop is Marco Polo, a beach bar with fabulous views where you can sink your feet into powder soft sand and order a round of cocktails. 

If you arrive at an odd hour and are finding it tough to find a bite, or you’d rather lunch at the public beaches, Theoule sur Mer has you covered. This sleepy village is more tech savvy than most cities and has what every nightclub in the world needs - a 24 hour pizza vending machine. Order from margarita, reine, 4 fromages and chorizo, and only a few minutes separate you from hot instant pizza perfection.

Stroll further down the road right past the pretty peach kiosk with the beautiful typography and follow the scenic seaside walking path to the very end. You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful beach marked by an impressive red boulder and one of the world’s nicest beach shacks.