I spent the month of June in Berlin with some of my dearest friends sharing an Airbnb (sign up and get free credit), eating, exploring and generally having the time of my life. These were some of my favourite discoveries.


For me the moving Memorial of the Murdered Jews, and the Reichstag with its impressive Norman Foster designed dome were the must visits.

I was also excited to see the window that Michael Jackson dangled his baby ‘Blanket ‘ out of at the Adlon Hotel than the Bradenburg gate opposite which probably says a lot about me (If it doesn’t say it I will. I failed history and MJ forever.)

Go eat a fabulous meal and sunbathe at Thai Park.

Chances are you’re spending too much time in the east so head west for some brutalist architecture. My favourite building is the Bierpinsel in Steglitz.

Explore Prenzlauer Berg. My favourite discoveries are here.

Get your photo taken in Berlin’s ubiquitous photo booths. A few years ago dozens of vintage style black and white (and one colour) photobooths were installed all over Berlin and it’s the best memento two euros can buy.

Check out an abandoned amusement park.

Badeschiff is the fucking best. It’s pool in a lake in the summer and a sauna in the lake in the winter ! (!!!)

Go to Museum Island. I missed out but my friends all recommended the Pergamon museum.

Check out the street art.

Catch a gig. I know Berlin has one of the world's best underground parties and all but we spent like 200 euros on Justin Timberlake and he was worth every cent.

If you'd like to do a walking tour, I recommend this cool one by Alternative Berlin



Sal-Bazaar: Pricy but beautiful store that stocks designer labels like Cosmic Wonder Light Source and gorgeous handcrafted accessories. Mulackstrasse has some other cool shops too.

RSVP is a sweet little shop that sells delicate (and expensive) stationery and journals.

Neurotitan: This cool shop at the back of graffiti covered Haus Schwarzenberg stocks cool art prints, books and zines. Also speaking of zines, I spotted them being sold via vending machines on subway platforms and thought it was the best thing!

On Oranienstrasse, I liked shops like Let It Bleed that stocks unique clothing, art and accessories by independent designers and Onkel Zozo for quirky artworks. DIM is a beautiful shop that stocks handcrafted wooden toys and brushes made mostly by people with disabilities. The giftshop at Museum der Dinge is just perfect for postcards and souvenirs.

Go to a flohmarkt (flea market). There are several good ones though I only went to Mauerpark.


Also check out my guide to eating and drinking in Berlin.