Second smallest country in the world. Check.

Though this is my third time in the riviera in seven months, I visited Monaco for the first time only this weekend. Some of the architecture is gorgeous, the farther you get from the water, not so much. If there's one thing you can't fault, it's the views. Get up high enough and the scenery will take your breath away. There are two ports to see and the loveliest views of the famous aquarium and endless blue are from the Jardin Exotique. Day visitors can check out the palace, the tomb of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier at the St Nicholas cathedral and the gorgeous Monte Carlo casino. As we strolled around the city, we could see it already being set up for the F1 grand prix which takes place right on the streets towards the end of next month. Badass.

(But not as badass as this.)

Thank you Manan for the photos.