The largest of the Lerins islands is a quick getaway from Cannes and a lovely little place for a daytrip. If you like picnicking, you'll like Ile Ste Marguerite. I like food, I like wine, I like sunbathing and I like nature so I pretty much love picnics.

Though Ile Ste Marguerite is only a short boatride from Cannes’ summer mega crowds and supercars, it feels a million miles away. As you can see from these photos it's gorgeous and tranquil and there are maybe only a handful of things to do.

You’ve no doubt heard of The Man in the Iron Mask (if you haven’t, what kind of rubbish Leo fan are you?) and Ile St Marguerite houses the royal prison with the tiny cell where the mysterious unidentified prisoner spent many years so you can visit that if you like. We didn’t. Instead we walked around, and explored the gorgeous green island, and sunbathed topless (c’est normal) and went swimming.

If packing a picnic is too much trouble, pick up a quick mozzarella and tomato sandwich at one of the kiosks or splurge on lunch at La Guérite (where you can spot the delightful directions above).

You can catch the boat for Ile St Marguerite at Quai Laubeuf. Book your ticket online and save a couple of euros. Alternatively La Guérite also offers a speed boat service for patrons.