Eat and drink:

Gel Gör Inegöl Köfteci: Small much loved Turkish joint to line your stomach before the heavy drinking begins. Open 24 hours. 

Burgermeister: Former public toilet at Schessislesis Tor now Berlin’s go to spot for great burgers. 

White trash Fast Food: A Berlin institution that has everything including live gigs, lots of indoor and outdoor space, 1 euro glasses of wine and amazing goat cheese burgers.

District Mot: Delicious bao burgers in a hip Saigon street market style spot.

Prinzessinnengarten:  If you’re hankering for a soup or salad, the café at Prinzessinnengarten is exactly where you should go. It’s so lovely.

Burrito Baby: Vegan "Mexican street food, just slower". It was delicious.

La Pausa: Sweetest little pizza place at Rosenthaler Platz.

Markthalle IX: We lived just down the street from Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg which has a roster of wonderful food markets so go to whatever takes your fancy.

Drink Club Mate, Berlin’s fave hip non-alcoholic beverage.

Com A: Big beautiful platters of sushi.

Mustafa's: Really famous, really good doner kebabs. 

Curry 36 and Curry Mitte: Give the city a prize for inventing currywurst.

Huhner Haus:  I don’t know how they manage to elevate the humble rotisserie chicken to something so delectable but they do. Get the chicken and rice with both white and red sauces.

Turkish market: Where to buy fresh, seasonal fruit and veg, great dips, spices and erm, socks. It’s open Tuesday and Friday in the Maybachufer.

Chocolateria Sünde: Great hot chocolate and cake

Mano: Close to the entrance of gritty Gorlitzer Park, Mano has cute, mismatched furniture and is a great place to chill, read and drink coffee.

Kuruyemis: Berlin’s Turkish immigrants are also responsible for fabulous dry fruit and nut shops all over Berlin. You’ll see shells of sunflower seeds spilling along sidewalks while locals grab a drink and catch up with friends.

Club der visionaire: A too cool for school club with a deck on the water.

Geist im glas: My favourite bar for its loft screenings, it makes a ton of spirit infusions and though the drinks are kinda pricey by Berlin standards, they’re delicious.

YAAM: Go to this ‘beach’ bar for a summer drink. I loved this place.

Know you can get a drink almost anywhere in Berlin. I’ve seen jäger for sale at the pretzel stand on a narrow subway platform and people popping open a bottle at a local späti (convenience store). In fact most of them provide enough seating to encourage it.

Honolulu at Michelberger hotel: Cool boutique hotel with a super vibey cafe and bar with cool decor mostly comprised of books. Try the house liqueurs and special brew made in collaboration with microbrewery Mikkeller.

Thai Park: Sunbathe and enjoy fabulous homestyle Thai food in the park

Some more recommendations can be found in my post about Prenzlauer Berg.