I spent the month of July subletting the most perfect apartment in the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Bushwick and in a most pleasantly ungentrified part, a half dozen blocks from the Jefferson stop with only one measly hip café. Instead, the streets were lined with dollar stores, travel agents and laundromats filled with fake flowers and Puerto Rican grandmas folding laundry and watching novelas on the telly. I would stop off at a canteen on my way home each day to buy horchata*, jamaica** or tamarindo***, or icy paletas on a really hot day.

Street art abounds in Bushwick. In my opinion it has the finest collection of public art of any Brooklyn neighbourhood. See below. The guy who ran my local convenience store was a bit of an artist himself. See above. Collectively there are probably hundreds of studios, galleries and experimental theatres. AP café is the chicest motherfucking café (indoor waterfall) and Arepera Guacucu is my favourite restaurant. This Venezuelan spot has great stew and arepas and delicious guanabana****. Bushwick is also known for its taquerias. Cholula Deli and Los Hermanos (part tortilla factory, part taqueria, part car garage) both have many fans. Oh and everybody loves Roberta’s!

*rice-based beverage
**hibiscus-based beverage
***tamarind-based beverage
****soursop-based beverage