Brighton was one of my favourite surprises during my time spent in the UK over the summer. I visited my dear friend Mehrak who showed me an excellent time in her little hometown (a little hipster haven if I’m being honest) and overall, it charmed my socks off! I loved the pebbled beach, the dazzling new pier’s neon signs and the eerie fire and ocean ravaged skeletal ruins of the West pier glistening in the distance. I loved the Regency style architecture, the cute fish and chip stalls along the boardwalk, the err.. panties dispensers.

A short distance from the water, hip vintage boutiques and design stores that sell cool souvenirs line the streets. There is tons (and I mean tons) of fantastic street art. I loved our delicious Mexican lunch at the ridiculously kitsch La Choza, breakfast at sweet little Treacle and co, and afternoon spent at the playfully decorated Marwood (which hosts a Stitch and Bitch) over coffee and cafe.

With a bit of advance planning you can easily get between Brighton from London for under 20 quid for a return trip and if you haven’t got the luxury of a couple of days by the seaside, a daytrip is a lovely option.