I rarely write about apps (Waterlogue was a fun one that piqued my interest) but I recently discovered Trover.

Trover is essentially a travel planning web and mobile app, via a visual pinboard, with the bonus of geotagged locations and useful travel tips. Users upload a travel discovery with one image and a little bit of information.  It’s great for somebody like me: a terrible advance planner but a magpie of virtual inspiration and helpful hints. If you’re the sort that likes bookmarking for later, you should most definitely join it. It’s the perfect on-the-road app.

Here’s why I like it:

  • It’s great for noting down your own experiences in places you visit so you don’t forget them.

  • You can make lists. I have a few lists I’m more focused on now: My Middle East list as well as food in India and design in India.

  • Using lists, you can collate ideas for future travels which is great for influencing or aiding your decision making. Also by saving discoveries to lists, you can return to access them only when you are truly interested in a destination.

  • But you don’t have to make lists. When you thank somebody for a spectacular discovery (similar to liking on other platforms), it saves to your profile so you can access your archives without having to make a specific list each time.

  • In your own discoveries, you can provide live, clickable links to longer reads or more relevant information. Which explains why the blogger community has taken to it.

  • It lacks the abundance of selfies, irrelevant hashtags, annoying sponsored posts, and general noise of other social platforms.

Though there aren’t a great deal of users on Trover yet, as is evident when you search for lesser frequented places in the world, this will no doubt change as its user base grows. As somebody who has used it for a couple of weeks now, I’ve come to understand that it isn’t an app I’ll use daily (except when I’m travelling) like Twitter which relies on immediacy or Instagram, which is a visual diary for me but definitely one I’ll use when I’m in planning mode or have stumbled upon something worthy of sharing. Download it to your smartphone or check it out online.