Last fall, I visited one of my best friends Noreen who lives in Washington state,  or 'the other Washington'. I spent time with her and her family both in Spokane and up in the mountains at their property near the border of British Columbia. I ate exquisite baked Northwest Atlantic salmon (recipe on her awesome blog).  I learnt how to make pine needle tea and ButterfingersTM blizzards. I also learnt how to shoot a crossbow and I went hiking (a sure fire way to lose short people).

We also drove to Seattle and sampled cheese at Beecher's, and devoured everything on this table. We checked out the grossly fascinating Gum Alley and the wonderful world famous Pike Place market - a great spot to buy fresh fish and fresh flowers. I bought beautiful teas at MarketSpice and I had coffee (it's Seattle!) with another lovely friend.

And I let the scenery take my breath away. If you're planning an all-American roadtrip, put Washington on the itinerary. It's just a little bit incredible.

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