Things to do when you're not eating and drinking in Tokyo:

- Go to Akihabara Electric Town and check out the weirdness. You’ll find a ridiculous number of tech stores, French maid and cosplay cafes and hundreds of digital photo booths to dress up and take purikura!

- Go to the Philippe Starck designed Flamme d'Or (golden turd) and adjacent building that form the Asahi HQ if you like good views and fresh beer.

- Another spot for a great view is the free observation deck in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

- If you find yourself stranded or have an early morning, find an internet cafe. You can pay an overnight rate to browse huge selections of manga and enjoy ridiculously fast wifi or just fall asleep in a very private cubicle.

- Go to an onsen (hot spring) but if you have tattoos, check their policies. 

- Go to a cat cafe!

- If you're interested in a spot of window shopping, all the hip stores and cool retail architecture can be found in Ginza and Aoyama.

- Go to a karaoke bar!

- If you're feeling lucky, head to a Pachinko parlour. Pachinko, basically their version of slots is a favourite Japanese pastime. Who knows you might even win a calculator!

- Visit the Meiji shrine in Harajuku and the Sensoji temple in Asakusa.

- There are photo opportunities at every turn in Tokyo. Try the Shibuya crossing, Yoyogi Park, fake food as an artform, Tsukiji Fish Market, the cherry blossom festival in April. If you need inspiration, this post should do it.

- Go to the suburbs for a slice of something really different. I stayed with my best friend in a neighbourhood called Higashi Murayama for a few weeks and it was littered with veggie gardens and little tables set up with produce sold through an honesty box system, vending machines filled with cabbages, and secret holes-in-the-wall (think snacks and Kirin beer in people's tiny living rooms or garages).