After years of reading *online*, I rediscovered the joy of reading a couple of years, thanks in part to friends who lent me books and also because I procured a Kindle, after years of dismissing it as an unnecessary bit of technology. No apps??? (Ilysm Kindle.)

Reading again has contributed so much to my mental health. Before I share my reading list, I want to share the best trick I learned to get me back into the reading habit. 

Read ten pages a day. 

That's it. That's all you have to do. You can read *as many as you want* but ten is the minimum. It's way easier to commit to a number of pages than a number of books, which can be overwhelming to the out-of-practise reader. Keep a log if you must, write down the page numbers if you need to remember. (If you miss a day, you have to catch up by reading a minimum of 20 pages) 

Also I joined a cookbook club which is a potluck group where we all cook from the same book each time we meet. All the books we’ve trialled and I’ve enjoyed are below including some additional favourites. Check out the post from our Les Halles meet.

But I digress. Here's a log of what I'm reading (or re-reading).

Books I've read: (tbh I loved almost all of them, My most highly recommended are towards the top - a bunch are by my friends!)

Also on my bookshelf: