Fashion poses a strange dilemma for me because while I’m a firm believer in a capsule wardrobe (as most people who travel a lot are), I love stuff that is a little bit playful and I love anything handcrafted. My wardrobe on the move is rather boring but you’ll find my closet at home peppered with beautiful textiles (mostly Indonesian, Indian or Mexican) both in form of clothes and stacks of fabric I’ve bought on travels. My biggest retail regret is not buying any in Africa (or Brixton). I love Ankara fabrics that use the Dutch wax printing technique and I think we have affirmed how much I love Italy therefore I love the Spring Summer collection from Stella Jean.

The Haitian Italian designer’s signature “wax and stripes philosophy” reflects her multicultural heritage perfectly. Vibrant traditional Ankara prints sourced from Burkina Faso and bright handpainted tropical motifs meet stripes and gingham and modern silhouettes for a collection that is whimsical but still elegant and feminine. See the whole set here.

For the boys: Stella Jean also has a Spring/Summer collection for men