My cousins are members of the Royal Bombay Yacht Club and I love joining them for tea in the garden, or for gin and tonics at the Dolphin bar, and on days they go sailing but above all, I love the historic building. If you are visiting Mumbai and have a friend or relative who is a member, pick the non renovated rooms and stay at Asia’s oldest yacht club. (Unfortunately that is the only way in. If you don’t have a hook up, stay at Abode!)

Yacht Club is housed by a spectacularly beautiful and imposing neo-Gothic stone edifice originally built in 1896 as the club’s residential chambers. It is brimming with old world imperial charm and the rooms are wonderfully quaint with large, decorative oriel windows, terrazzo flooring, high ceilings, cast iron clawfoot bathtubs, and if you're lucky a view of the Gateway of India and the sea.

The rest of the building is magnificent. Staffed cloakrooms, a mahogany panelled library, gorgeous Minton (and also Bharat) tiles and the most majestic circular staircase and elevator I've ever seen. These photos are from a few years ago when two of my favourite human beings and I explored every nook, took a hundred pictures, smuggled beer and wine, Photo Booth-ed, drank copious amounts of masala chai and ate the best goddamn club sandwiches ever.

RBYC forever.