It’s no secret I’m a fan of home textile label Safomasi, research and content studio Dear and graphic designer Shweta Malhotra, all of whom have been featured on this blog before. Last September they started working out of a shared studio in Chirag Dilli and I was interested to see where some of the magic happens. I dropped in on the day Dear’s Kassia Karr and Shweta showed me around Old Delhi and I liked it so much I went back to shoot it.

"We had been working from The Brewhouse in Shahpur Jat, but were thinking of getting a space where we could have a small production unit and also store and display our products," Safomasi’s creative director Sarah Fotheringham explained. "Kassia and Grant [Davis] had said that they wanted to get a space too so we started looking and almost immediately found this place - we all liked it and decided to go for it! Shweta was looking too so she joined in as well." Co-founder Maninder Singh took charge of the renovation, turning it into the light, bright space it is now. The duo chronicled the process over on their blog.

Indeed the studio includes a spacious workshop area in the back where Safomasi’s tailors stitch their products, and their lovely soft furnishings are on display but they’ve all managed to bring their distinctive brand of cool to the space. Shweta’s graphic fashion illustrations are hung up above the water dispenser. Kassia's photography sits framed next to her and she also made the wooden shapes. The framed prints in the kitchenette are Safomasi tea towel designs printed smaller and the tiny cards with screenprinted birds are also Sarah’s doing. The poufs in the sitting area are made from Safomasi fabric scraps and prints depicting their then unreleased Salcombe collection are pinned above the sofa.

The view beyond their floor-to-ceiling windows is green and lush even in the peak of summer. With white washed walls, hanging light fixtures and exposed filament bulbs, and shelves filled with interesting magazines and books, the open plan space feels fresh, contemporary and above all, inspired. So inspired that during my visit I spotted a cake in the fridge with Anil Kapoor’s face on it. Sadly I’m gluten and therefore, A-Kaps intolerant.

Check out their gorgeous studio below.