This is a recipe from my blog archives. I learned how to make it on a date a few years ago and that date remains one of the most memorable ones I've ever been on. Side note: People don't go on enough romantic dates these days really.

In my earlier post I had mentioned that "I only date dudes who cook because A) they cook. There is no B." though I'm eating my words today. (I can't help it, my boyfriend just has such a sweet face.) But I digress. This dessert followed a cracking meal of tagliatelle with tiger prawns in a sundried tomato and cashewnut puree white wine reduction. Yup he pulled out all the stops. French toast is totally underrated in my opinion - it's sexy and homely. This is a slightly elevated version and if you're anything like me, you'll probably have these ingredients on hand. 


4 slices day old sliced bread or baguette
Half a cup of milk
2 Eggs
4 tsp sugar
Cinnamon powder
A scraped vanilla bean (or vanilla extract)
2 Bananas


Whisk the eggs with the milk, 2 tsp sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.
Soak the bread thoroughly in the egg mixture without letting it disintegrate.
Melt butter on a hot skillet and fry the bread until golden brown
Turn the heat to low, melt more butter and add the rest of the sugar. Once dissolved, caramelise the bananas for about three minutes.
Spread Nutella all over the hot French toast and top off with the caramelised banana.
Optional: Add big scoops of ice cream, sliced strawberries and garnish with sweet basil.
Not optional: EAT.