If you spend any part of your childhood in India, you’ll probably know the after school peru well (that’s peru meaning guava and not Peru the country). Recently the lovely folks at Good Juicery, a sweet homegrown company that make sparkling fruit drinks in three flavours including pink guava introduced me to my new favourite cocktail: the Bloody Peru.

I love a breakfast beverage (day drinking is the best) and their cocktail recipe for the Bloody Peru is genius. It’s a proper, local twist on the Bloody Mary, not just a little tweak like the addition of jalapeños or wasabi and tastes just like an after school guava rubbed down with salt and chilli. They recently sent over the cutest package to recreate the drinks at home and so my grandma and I did. This is how we made them and they were bloody good.


60ml vodka
1 can of Good Juicery sparkling pink guava
a dash of PICO bhut jolokia sauce (or tabasco)
pinch of salt
a squeeze of lemon

Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Pour into a glass and drink with a straw.