I'm vehemently opposed to brunch (and three hour brunch friends*) but I'm not opposed to breakfast. Breakfast dates are for real friends. If the prospect of waking up early to eat with somebody you love doesn't excite you, you need better friends or Vohuman Cafe. Vohuman Cafe can make anybody a morning person.

Poona mornings are gorgeous so go for an early morning stroll and arrive ravenous. Plant yourself at one of the cramped tables with their bentwood chairs and heavy marble countertops and order like it's your last meal on earth. The fried eggs and the bhurji are a hit but the omelettes are a home run. The malai plate, a small saucer filled with buffalo cream is a luscious treat. Sprinkle a bit of sugar on top and scoop it up with their soft buns. Finish with a slice of buttered toast dipped into sweet hot chai. It's ridiculous that a place this modest, with a menu so minute has me salivating at the memory for weeks but it does. You'll like it too. 

P.S. It was creepy as hell (but kinda awesome) and I'm a bit sad it doesn't look like this anymore!

Vohuman Cafe, 34 Sasoon Road, Near Jehangir Hospital, Pune