I (co-)wrote something a little bit different (but not that different) for once over on bicyclewithoutafish which is an excellent feminism blog. 

A few days ago, I was browsing instagram where my feed has seen an influx of sponsored posts lately when I paused at a video ad by Whisper. It appeared on my feed on three consecutive days, over and over. In it, Whisper chooses to co-opt the regressive retail practise of wrapping sanitary products in newspaper to unveil their shiny new Ultra Clean product. Frankly, I was aghast. I shared my thoughts with the folks over at The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman and they invited me to co-author this blogpost as part of their series 'Conditioning is for hair, not minds'. Head over here to read our thoughts.

whisper bs.png

Also a print version. UGH.

Image on home page: Chinatown Melbourne. No way was I going to put Whisper on it.