This is Max. He is 9. Max draws portraits for $1 on 2nd St. Max drew his first face before he was two years old and his enthusiasm never wavered so two years ago, Max began setting up his easel on the sidewalk outside the Arden Theatre Co (where his parents are the technical director and costume designer) on First Friday and drawing passerbys willing to shell out a buck for a signed Max original.

Of course my friend Raina and I couldn’t resist. Max likes to work with a brief so we asked to be underwater and Max turned us into mermaids paying careful detail to our hair and jewellery, and added masterful touches to his drawing. This is the result.

Then armed with our latest acquisition, we checked out some of the current art exhibitions in the neighbourhood. First Friday is a cultural event in which the galleries of Old City stay open late and host receptions for the general public. It’s coupled with a fantastic sidewalk artist’s and flea market where we bought prints, handmade and vintage jewellery, healing crystals and other lovely knickknacks. If you can time your Philly visit to coincide, I highly recommend checking it out.