Nidhi Jacob is one of the coolest girls in the world. The fashion editor, stylist and self-proclaimed granny gangster has a discerning eye, a blog I love and a recently launched eating project tasteslocal with the tagline: soul food for cheap.

On tasteslocal, you can expect spicy, delicious food recommendations from holes-in-the-wall that are low in cost and high on taste. Three years ago Nidhi had recommended the “Russian” cutlets at Al Tosha in Bombay’s 7 Bungalows to me and they were utterly scrumptious so consider me a fan already.

Her personal instagram account is one of my favourites out of India. Follow thehiddenbutton for her distinct brand of cool: dope shoes, kooky self portraits, interesting places and adorable animals.  

Nidhi's favourite instagrammer is @la.la.i whose pictures she describes as "so chill and happy".