If you've followed her on social media, or gotten a glimpse of her in real life, you’d know Kassia Karr has great taste. She always looks effortlessly put together, and everything she endorses is beautifully crafted. A Delhi transplant (via ‘murrica) and a self confessed Indophile (who has spent more of her adult life in India than I have), Kassia is photographer, the brand and culture manager at bhane. and one of the co-founders at Dear, a research and content studio currently working on a short documentary series called The Billion which already has me hooked. Check out this epic wacky car maker in Hyderabad!

Best of all her exciting life translates into an interesting instagram account. Though she doesn’t post often,  her images are always artfully composed in a palette that is she really has made her own. Expect muted pastels and hues of green and blue, a mix of urban and rural landscapes, stylish self portraits and cultural oddities that are sometimes kitsch and always uniquely Indian. Follow @neemly.