Starting a few weeks ago, a few of my friends suddenly began posting illustrations of themselves online all credited with the same name. And so I discovered Lokesh Padmashali, a Bombay-based artist, illustrator and designer (find out more about him and his work on his tumblr) who uses a digital tab and stylus combined with illustrator and photoshop to create stylised line drawings of whoever takes his fancy.

Lokesh calls it an “experimental project inspired by the posts of random interesting people who follow me on instagram". He uploads portraits daily, sometimes of celebrity faces, other times of folks with distinct personalities. To him it’s “an exciting challenge to pick up their traits and likes for travel, tattoos, art, music, psychedelia, architecture, fashion, etc, and create a portrait that expresses who they are.”

Most of the times the drawings are simple, the result of just a few strokes aided along by a glass of whisky, other times they’re mixed media, contrasted with elements he collects or colours he believes works for their character and personality. People have always been the biggest source of inspiration for Lokesh, and his #joyproject (aptly christened by one of his grateful subjects) has served as a nice way to reach out and communicate with more of them. Follow @lokeshpadmashali on Instagram.