Apparently everybody in my family liked to travel including (especially) my grandma. This is evident in the mostly vintage oft tacky postcard collection I found in my house a few days ago. Whenever members of my family travelled, like me, they’d pick up postcards to send to friends and as souvenirs to keep for themselves.

Now I want to send those postcards to people and create a little project out of it. Each month I’m going to send postcards to my readers who would like them. The only caveat is you have to agree to post the picture of the postcard on twitter/instagram once you receive it, so I can share your pictures online.

The first month I’ll be sending out at least half a dozen cool, kitsch postcards from Italy (but from India). I’ll send postcards worldwide so if you like receiving snail mail, follow me on instagram if you don’t already, tag a friend or friends who might like one too here or leave me a comment below.