- You won't find much street art in Cannes, but what little is there is worth seeking out. The city is best known for the (fast approaching) film festival so it's no surprise that all the murals in Cannes are movie inspired and masterfully painted. Below is the Buster Keaton one I first stumbled upon. If you're visiting and would like to know more about the murals or could use some help locating them, this is a fine resource

- Actually wait, Cannes has multiple space invaders. See here and here!

- If you're looking for an arts job in Bombay (or elsewhere in India), look no further than here. Love Asia Art Projects.

- Here's a new London duo to love - Panes

- This great little video explains the difference between empathy and sympathy.

- I love a good collection. Wonderful visual piece in Another mag.

- In the history of teenagers, there has not been one as cool as Ashol-Pan, a 13 year old eagle huntress in Mongolia.

- I found this video so fascinating. How your face changes in different lighting.