The only thing I like more than regular board games are handmade board games. When I was ten, I made my own Monopoly by hand even though I had the real version, mostly because my friend Ralph had made his. It took me weeks. All those community chest cards and all that currency. Are you kidding me Ralph?!

Thankfully, this is a much easier board game to make, and a very easy one to carry anywhere with you. Just slip the ‘board’ into a magazine or laptop case, and put the shells into a little pouch.

Checkers or draughts was one of the first games I learnt to play. My grandfather taught me so I love it the most. I made my game with some shells I collected on the beach on my travels but you can make it with anything you like collecting. I like this DIY because I've always liked painting, it uses a travel souvenir in a fun way and it beats the hell out of crappy plastic pieces.

You’ll need:



Watercolours (or paint of your choice)

A brush

Card paper

Shells (or stones, bottle caps, coins, crystals, whatever you like)


Draw an 8” x 8” grid.

Choose one or two colours and paint alternate squares filling up the entire board.

Play checkers.