After moving back to India, I’ve been very inspired to start creating again so prepare for tons of design and DIYs on the site. Yesterday I tore out the last few pages and upcycled a leather notebook cover into a (sort of) leather roll up. It’s easily going to be one of my favourite accessories particularly for travel. It’s already the best for getting organised and keeps all my USB cords in check between home and the office, and the front flap conceals the contents so it looks great on my desk too. It’s also ridiculously simple. I used genuine leather (love that grain) but it can be made with any sort of material that doesn’t easily rip or fray.

You’ll need:

Leather (or otherwise) rectangle cut to any size you like
Chalk or marker
Cutting knife and mat
String, cord or ribbon

Decide on the shape of your roll up, fold and place it under a heavy weight to encourage the folds.

Mark out and cut slits 3-4 cm wide leaving 2 cm space from the edges and each other.

Tie a string around one fold and leave one end long on the outside for wrapping around the roll up.