I haven’t posted a design find on this blog in many months but that changes today. A few weeks ago, designer Amrita Nambiar introduced me to her label Olie, named after the Tamil word for light, via a package. Her products combined rustic and contemporary elements, her designs were graphic but rather than being cliched and kitschy, they were delicate and whimsical. I found uses for them immediately!

Olie marries Amrita’s illustrations with her love for interiors. Her designs usually begin in watercolours within the pages of her sketchbook and are then transformed into vibrant prints by her artisans Nirmala and Shanti. Inspiration for the label first came while she was doodling by the seaside in Pondicherry (hands down one of my favourite places) and the motifs she uses are mostly influenced by nature.

One of my favourites is Koi Cloud, where coral koi swim around lotuses. I also love the simplicity of Rain Dance with its bursting seeds and the bucolic charms of Cycle In My Window.

Olie’s range of products began with lighting and grew to include cushion covers, table linen, storage and stationery. I personally adore the range of boxes, a clever idea by her artisans for solving the problem of leftover fabric (yessss!). My memory cards go in the hexagonal box, that tissue box is the most cheerful thing by this snotty girl’s bedside and like any great notebook, this one makes me feel like my handwriting is rubbish. It’s beautifully crafted, with sweet little details and would make an excellent present but I’m keeping it. (She also sent me a lovely Impermanence table runner that combines hand-woven banana fibre with handprinted cotton but I’ll let you know when I learn to set a table like a grownup.)

Check out Olie’s blog for more and to browse their online shop, click here.

Print by one of my favourite illustrators Marc Johns