I wrote last year about No-Mad when they launched their green charpoi. The brainchild of Anuj Kothari and designer Valerie Barkowski, No-Mad quickly became one of my favourites with their striking textiles and bold use of colour (and quirky lookbooks) that became their earliest signature.

For their latest collection for the table, however, they’ve gone soft so to speak, employing the best colours on the wheel - grey and pink and using more understated motifs, in which they creatively mix and match techniques and results.

For instance, the Bindu print is inspired by the dots of bandhani or Gujarati tie and dye resist, but the motif is derived from the popular circle and star motifs of Ajrak-style blockprinting. The Bhumit print is inspired by Japanese Sashiko embroidery that employs a running stitch technique. For No-Mad’s table linens, both are created through screen printing. The other textile releases are former prints in the new hues.

Personally I love the versatility of the whole collection. How the prints can be layered and coordinated without clashing as well as the ways they can be styled. They look equally at home dressed up and paired with  fine china and glassware, as they do amongst chai tumblers and leaf plates.

The new table collection also continues the theme of modern interpretations of widely found Indian objects that go largely unnoticed or unused in the modern Indian home.

This collection has delicate ceramic kulhars which, by the way, are a joy to drink my second coffee of the day out of (first coffees are as big as my face), glass jars with copper lids, copper and brass thali trays and a tea and coffee pot - one not like the ubiquitous road side vendor’s chai kettle, the other inspired by a Lamu coffee pot.

Check out the collection below (as always, their styling is on point!) or if you’re in Delhi, find them at Stall 16 at India Design ID in Okhla from 12th -14th February aka this weekend. Fact: They always have the most creative exhibits.

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