On my recent trip to Delhi, I spent an afternoon browsing the shops at Meherchand Market (recommended) and visited a Nappa Dori store for the first time (also recommended).

There was plenty to like including the most delicious collection of stationery, probably some of the finest I’ve seen in India, but of course I was distracted by a do-it-yourself kit that allows you to craft your own belt.

Available in three colour options - tan, green, and dark brown, Nappa Dori’s DIY belt kit includes all the materials required to create your own belt and an instructional booklet that’ll guide you through the process from dying a raw strip of leather to attaching the hardware and punching the holes.

Nappa Dori founder Gautam Sinha calls it “a completely new twist to the word ‘handcrafted’”, having the customer engage with the product himself and recognise the time and effort that goes into making handmade. I love that and I love this little film they’ve created to go with it.


Image and video courtesy Nappa Dori.