A few months ago when I stayed at this Airbnb, I discovered Jaipur-based design label Kassa properly. One evening, co-founders Arpan Patel and Aarushi Patel and I had an impromptu feast in the store together. We ordered kebabs and butter chicken, finished two bottles of wine and I interrogated them.

In the Cliff’s notes version, Kassa makes leather goods, many of which bear their delicate signature graphic motif. In the full version, they experiment.

In another life, Arpan is a sculptor and furniture designer and Aarushi is a creative director. He makes tea pot sculptures and beautiful turned wooden lamps inspired by block printing, she makes cool graphics and illustrations, together they create brass pens and kooky sculptural jewelry on top of leather shoes, bags and accessories.

They recently launched a playful and sustainable line, in which they experiment with a hybrid recyclable, paper-feeling, suede-resembling material and their new wafer clutch is now my passport case.

It’s made from the most lightweight material hence ‘wafer’, and can hold all my travel documents. I stash my passports in one pocket and all my cards in another, and the main holds everything else like insurance and yellow fever vaccination cards. It’s also ultra functional for bank days and holds my cheque book (though can this be obsolete already?) and various forms of printed documents perfectly. It also folds into a wee thing for credit cards and ID on nights out.


Shop their new collection here.


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