Urban Ladder Dalston Sofa Bed-1.jpg

With the launch of my new magazine LOVER, this blog is about to get a bit more personal. I’ll still write about my favourite things and blog about my projects, and now I’ll talk about building the magazine. (All the things you miss from here can be found on LOVER though.)

Every publication/creative agency worth their salt needs a studio but I had to sell a couple of beds to make space. I spent five months looking for sofa beds online and I favourited hundreds of things in the meantime (that weren’t even sofa beds) but I knew I found it when I saw this baby over on Urban Ladder.

The Dalston Sofa Bed.

It’s mammoth for one. In fact I didn’t have a lens wide enough, but see it properly here. I love that it’s so structural and has clean lines, and that it’s comfortable but without being too slouchy. That means it’s good for entertaining guests but also perfect for a space where you have to get some work done. 

I picked out the grey cos that is and always has been my favourite colour, and because it’ll easily go with all the artwork I’ll put up. UL made it a cinch to order, and two weeks later it was delivered and assembled without me having to make any real effort.

I want to build the studio slowly and fill it with things I really like, furniture from homegrown tech/design giants like Urban Ladder, vintage bits and pieces, things I pick up on travels and accessories from the labels I write about. So for now it is also the best desk ever. I’m one of those people who works around a lot of gadgets and reference materials and I love planning and writing while lying down (DON’T take my fitness advice) so I just click it down into a bed and it’s perfect.

In other (big big big) news, it is a huge deal for me to call Urban Ladder a lifestyle partner at LOVER. But you can read more about this on Lover’s upcoming new blog.

As soon as I got the couch, I made some cushion covers out of some ikat I bought from this amazing textile revivalist, Suraiya Hassan Bose in Hyderabad five years ago and the chequered fabric is from a small tailoring shop in Fort Kochi. The plant is mother in law’s tongue or snake plant, it’s impossible to kill and also improves air quality indoors. Get one!

Plus with a bit of plush bedding, guests can literally sleep in the Lover studio if they wish. Yay!