Approximately three people I know are interested in growing so this series of posts is dedicated to them. For the rest of you, there's plenty here and here and here.

For the last few years, I’ve been checking out and often volunteering at urban growing and farming projects during my travels. These are two awesome projects in Berlin that I stumbled upon in my time there that are lovely to visit but also worth getting involved in. 


In 2009, this 6000 sq m neglected concrete plot in Kreuzberg was cleaned up of three tons of waste and turned into urban and technically mobile farm sparking an urban growing movement across Germany. Today Prinzessinnengarten is is a thriving, living space where organic, locally produced herbs and vegetables are grown in all sorts of raised compost beds, rice sacks, plastic buckets and other moveable containers (as leases are for year at a time only). It’s a great social space for friends to escape the city and relax and grow things together. Their dreamy café in nestled in the trees and serves coffee, cakes, beer and wine (duh, this is Berlin) and delicious light lunches often made with garden ingredients. It’s a lovely place to hang out in the summer.

Prinzenstrasse 35 – 38, 10969 Berlin


The second green project is a community garden, located at Berlin’s fabled Templehof airport which closed in 2008 and was subsequently turned into a public park.  

In the large patch of green dedicated to the project, I spotted found and foraged materials recycled into benches, boxes, and beds where members grow flowers and vegetables or simply picnic with the butterflies in the warmer months. Last summer I read about a Picnic Berlin, who provide a cool picnic basket filled with food and drink rental service for between 25 and 35 euros so that might be worth looking into!

Lest you forget you’re at the airport, the very intact original control tower (spot it in the pictures) and runways will remind you. Bring your cycle or skateboard and pack your sunscreen for there’s very little shade.

Tempelhofer Feld, 12101 Berlin