I went to Egypt a few years ago with a TV show. I documented behind-the-scenes, shot stills, made frantic notes and ran their photo blog for the entire season. It didn't leave me much time to explore and I'll just have to go back, but I do remember a particular wonderful evening spent at Khan el-Khalili, Cairo's best-loved souk where my friend Adham and I went in search of scarabs and lamps. I bought a silver teapot and a darbuka (love percussion as souvenirs), and then we joined our local friends at al-Fishawy, a gorgeous two centuries old coffee house for shisha and thick, strong coffee from tiny fluted copper pots, but also warm, creamy sahlab topped with nuts; hummus al sham (a spicy hot drink with chickpeas. Hummus is the Arabic word for chickpeas) and tea-for-two in weathered enamel teapots served with sprigs of mint and sugar. An excessive but rather hydrating evening. 

I also remember having a fantastic lunch at a restaurant called Abou el-Sid located in the hip neighbourhood of Zamalek that had a very sexy vibe inside and a great menu that included squab, pigeon and all sorts of hot mezze. I'd recommend it.

But my favourite memory is of seeing the pyramids at dawn. We had special permission and it's not something everybody gets to experience so I feel exceptionally lucky. The rest of the photos are likely from the bus.