Berlin and I had a torrid love affair through June and she's stayed in my system like a drug (so I've heard). Expect a lot of love letters starting with this one. My friend Bree posted a photo on Instagram that led my friends and I to Berlin's abandoned theme park Spreepark. Abandoned theme parks are way cooler than active ones! (Update: Everybody agrees.) And speaking of drugs, Spreepark's history includes a cocaine scandal - the former owner tried smuggling €14 milion worth back to Berlin in the masts of the Flying Carpet ride! There's plenty to see at Spreepark if you can find it - a rollercoaster, a ferris wheel, a pirate ship, a train and an assortment of cute buildings. Oh and dozens of creepy swan boats. It's been thirteen years since the park was active, and much of it is being slowly swallowed by nature and it's a great place to explore and take pictures. If you sneak in, watch out for the nettles and the guards, and have fun.