My boyfriend and I spent the long weekend in Provence in a perfect 1850s jewel of an apartment (with some luxurious modern deviations like a moon sized rain shower head and a magnificent kitchen range) that we found on Airbnb.

I’d never used Airbnb before and I felt apprehensions creep up on me as I climbed the creaky wooden staircase to the flat but figured I’d rather a charming, character filled hovel over an insipid hotel room any day. But I was instantly delighted, it was lovely and spacious, and our bedroom looked out onto the beautiful 13th century convent of the Cordeliers. There was prettily framed art all over the house - one artwork over the clawfoot bathtub in the second bedroom said ‘I used to be Snow White but I drifted’, a perfect little washbasin, a Marie Antoinette sofa, a gorgeous antique dining table with a pull out bench and all those things like exposed beams and gold switches that make an old house extra special.    

I loved the sweet little details too - pink chalices, flowerpots brimming with violet blooms, delicate florals on teacups, vintage plates, aprons, placemats. Also French washcloths (they’re gloves!) and super plush towels.

Okay I’m done raving. It’s in Avignon. Go in summer, drink rosé at breakfast (it’s illegal to drink anything else) on that dreamy little balcony over the canal and day trip to lavender fields. Bon life.


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P.S. I am so sold on Airbnb now.