Oh May. I turned a year older, made a few day trips to cute nearby towns like Theoule and I wore my birthday hat everywhere I went. 

The Cannes Film Festival brought a real pulse to the city alongside expensive cars, expensive yachts and extremely expensive women. It had all the trimmings - cordoned off streets, dozens of pop up venues, quirky public sculptures, celebrity sightings and the shutters finally lifted and banners hung from every apartment terrace on the Croisette. 

I had friends here for once and was lucky enough to check out the Marché du Film and catch a few film screenings, cook a couple of dinners and attend a few parties and on the last day of the festival I acted in a short film! (I'm a maid in it so step aside J Lo!)

One of the films I caught was a fascinating documentary Beltracchi about an art forger by the same name. I can appreciate a good con artist and Beltracchi is a particularly charismatic one on top of being a gifted painter. He has a great story and I definitely recommend watching it! 

One of the cooler events on during the festival that everybody even the plebs (myself) can enjoy is Cinéma de la Plage, film screenings on the public beach. Last weekend they screened former Palme d'Or winner Pulp Fiction and it was inaugurated by Quentin Tarantino himself who made quite the rockstar speech and invited Uma Thurman and John Travolta to join him. Casual Cannes.

I leave for Berlin today. I'll be there for a couple of weeks and I'll be blogging though probably not in real time.  (But you can always follow me on Instagram.) 

Oh and my blog was featured and reviewed by the Bangalore Mirror. They were very kind indeed.