A few years ago I set myself a life goal: to be fluent in Spanish by the time I turn thirty.

And now thirty is looming and I am no better than I was during my semester of Espanol 101 at university, able to order $5 margaritas with the flair of a mariachi band in matching sombreros. In fact, nine years later I’m worse.

Enter Duolingo. I’ve had this language learning app for two years and have used it in small doses. I’m skill level one in Italian, two in French and three in German, each one tried on a whim before I travelled to their countries of origin if you were wondering what a dedicated multilinguist I am.

But this February I will spend an hour using Duolingo each day, (there’s a web version and I have it downloaded to both my iPhone and iPad for best results) so at the end of 28 days, hopefully I will have expanded my vocabulary beyond the different types of tacos available in Bushwick and be able to have conversations with one of my best friends, the feisty, merciless Grishma Rao who I’ve roped in to join me in this February challenge.

I will write a review about the app and discuss my progress at the end of the month. If anybody else wants to jump on the language learning bandwagon - you can also choose from Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch and Irish - you’re most welcome to. Leave me a comment, send me a message or just add username weeny.