Y’all know me and my obsession with the walking tour. I try and do one in every city - they almost always have me feeling better oriented, a lot more clued in, a little bit fitter. Well, most. Enter Bitemojo, a cute app offering self-guided culinary ‘bite’ tours. You’ll be walking no doubt, but you’ll also be snacking. Fitness but also fitness appetiser in your mouth.

I just returned from Singapore where I used the app for the very first time and I have nothing but kind things to say. 

Bitemojo offers tours in two locations in Singapore - Kampong Glam, the Muslim quarter and Katong. I picked the former because it was a side of Singapore I was curious about and since I was staying quite near Katong on Singapore’s East Coast, I needed a reason to venture further into the city. 

Each tour offers bites at six handpicked spots where you simply have to flash your app in exchange for sustenance.

Open the Bitemojo app and choose a destination and you’ll notice there’s a list of restaurants and bites on offer. My first response was why bother doing the tour if I know exactly what’s in it? Once my tour began it became clear. Eating is only a part of the experience.

Local insights, historical facts, interesting tidbits, highlights from the neighbourhood -  hip designer shops and galleries, community centres, museums and places of worship are all marked and explained on the trail. Details about the establishment, the people behind it and the dish itself are presented clearly.

My own tour got off to a rocky start. I was at Pita Bakery where the (new and inexperienced) employee made me wait for nearly half an hour for my bite (literally hummus and pita both of which were already ready) and I felt pangs of hanger rise inside me.

But getting the second bite was a breeze (I chose the savoury via the app and purchased the sweet option to take away) and by the third and fourth spots, having ducked into several stores in the vicinity, I was ready to relax my feet and tuck into some delicious Turkish and Muslim Malay dishes - stuffed vine leaves and ‘filo cigarettes’ and the best beef rendang I’ve ever eaten (washed down with an iced teh tarik I purchased).

The fifth stop was incredibly charming offering the delicious local favourite - kaya toast, bread slathered in coconut jam made for dipping into soft boiled eggs, and a hot cup of coffee.

What I loved about the tour was that you get the benefits of a private guided tour, without the hefty price tag or time restrictions. You can set your own pace and discover what you want - I took some extra time strolling down Haji Lane for instance and continued on the tour when I was ready. 

I loved the diversity of the bites and that they’d made an effort to include establishments of all kinds - from holes in the wall and tourist hotspots to heritage cafes. I really liked the flexibility. If you’re tired or full or have somewhere to be, you can continue the tour a few hours later or another day.  I loved that you can turn leftover bites into bite credits that are easy as pie to claim. 

I tested it and was thrilled to discover and redeem a bite from one of Singapore’s most notable ice cream spots the next day. The best part is you can claim the bite within six months in any of Bitemojo’s destinations.

Overall, it was an excellent way to spend an afternoon -  informative, interactive, delicious and value for money. I’d do it in another good food city in a heartbeat. 

Bitemojo runs tours in Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Rome, Lisbon, Bangkok, Madrid, Berlin, Ljubljana, Jerusalem, Lisbon, Budapest and Singapore. Download the app and book a tour.