Once upon a time, some of my friends including my favourite Shilo all got dolled up in saris and went clubbing in Bangalore. I thought it was the best thing ever although I honestly have no idea how to effectively wrap one around myself without nine fine yards ending up around my ankles on the dancefloor. (I've literally had to summon random aunties from the nearest apartment/street/hotel lobby to save face.)

 And so this new collection 11:11 RECLAIMED X BOMBAY ELECTRIC - vintage saris recycled into fun, contemporary garments pleases me greatly. I'm a huge fan of everything out of CellDSGN and I'm obsessed with beautiful textiles. I adore the first three looks, that last dress and this cute campaign.

Oh hey clothing that's playful, irreverent and sustainable, those just happen to be my favourite things. 

 Photos: Sachin Soni

Art direction: Mia Morikawa (truly a girl after my own heart)