My name is Sheena Dabholkar. 

Welcome to my journal. You’ll find chic, interesting and experiential travel, delicious food, culture, DIY, art and design here as well as interviews with creative people and glimpses into their work and lives. 

My interests also lie in mental health and wellness, environmental sustainability and gender. I run @sodonechilling, an educational initiative attempting to address and dismantle rape culture.

I like exploring, entertaining, writing, making jokes, taking pictures and growing or making things with my hands.

I'm the founder, editor and creative director at Lover, an independent India-centric online publication and boutique studio creating visual and editorial content for brands.

I’m also a freelance journalist, photographer and stylist and my work has been published in The Wall Street Journal,, Wallpaper*, Lonely Planet, Vogue, Mumbai Boss and more. I once ran Incredibooth.

My work has been featured on the front page of Times of India's nationwide Times Life. Mumbai Boss called me their “fave photog”, Grazia put me amongst other “scenemakers setting the tone for a changing cultural landscape” and Vogue said I was #indiacool. Nextness included me in their list of “vibrant innovative Asia blogs” and Design*Sponge in their inspiring Indian instagram accounts. Mirror said this blog has "a flair hard to find in travel guides.” It has been awarded India's best travel and living blog. 

I currently live and work in India (and everywhere else).

Head over here if you would like to commission me, collaborate with me or advertise here. And send love letters or hate mail to


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