Taco Bell Drawing Club

Don't mind me, I'm just officially a card carrying member of the Taco Bell Drawing Club. I'm not too cool to admit that I came to America for a weekly drawing club (minor detail: I can't draw) held in the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell on 14th St every Wednesday afternoon. Everybody draws what they want! You can eat fiery Doritos tacos and make jokes while you draw! Its founder is my favourite artist - follow him on instagram!

My first masterpiece shot by my friend Vik.

Gathered Table

Here are some photographs I took for Gathered Table’s recent farm-to-table event in the Hamptons. It was a magical relaxed setting for a beautiful spread - rib eye cooked to perfection, mini lobster rolls, deviled eggs, lemon ricotta gnocchi, long pizza two ways, a victoria sponge wedding cake with raspberries and other gorgeousness. I LUH YOU FOOD. 

Berlin: Thai Park

If it's the weekend and the sun is out, you can bet your bottom euro that food loving locals are at Thai Park, a loving sobriquet imparted to Preußenpark in boring Wilmersdorf.

Every Saturday and Sunday, for ages now, the local Thai community has congregated in the open green under a flurry of brightly coloured umbrellas and barbecued, picnicked, gossiped and celebrated life. What began several years ago as a private affair has turned into a wonderful social gathering over delicious homemade Thai food and drinks which go for a few euros a pop (mains will cost you around €5) while the authorities (they say) turn a blind eye 

You'll find rows of friendly German-spouting Thai ladies and gents selling everything from fresh spring rolls, grilled fish and fragrant salads, to Thai iced tea and rum based cocktails, to bean and sugary tapioca based desserts. 

Pack a blanket and cash, get out at Fehrbelliner Platz, join the sunbathing hipsters and cute Eurasian babies on the grass and plan to overeat. It's a fabulous food excursion and worth all the subway changes.